What To Expect From Our Events...

Posted: Friday, 20 September 2013 by Mandy in Labels: , ,

Throughout the year, we’ll be holding these kinds of events and activities, plus more:
  • Empty Chair Evenings and Open Mic Nights Someone sits in a chair and reads out the banned work of a foreign writer, in order to release their words into the world.  We’ll also hold nights where students and staff are welcome to read out their work as part of our Open Mic nights.
  • Letter Writing Workshops and Meet-Ups We all write to writers who have been incarcerated, imprisoned, or put under house arrest for their work, expressing our support for them and appreciation of their work, in order to boost morale.
  • Petitioning Parliament for changes to laws in the UK and abroad with regards to free speech, libel laws and human rights.
  • Work alongside the UK’s other student PEN groups, to increase exposure of issues and the work we’re doing, as well as creating a UK-wide support network for our societies.
  • Book sales and raffles in which we raise money for PEN using books that have been donated to us (so far, we have around 300!)
  • Championing the work that English PEN does with prisoners and refugees, and within their translation programme, which enables obscure works from all over the world to become available to as wide a platform of readers and thinkers as possible.
Are you excited? Because we definitely are!!